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Terms of Use

MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus is the sole representative of MANTIS and is the choice of one of the most distinguished stringing & customization workshops worldwide, a warranty for the unsurpassed quality of all MANTIS products. With the support of www.racketspecialist.com we offer a world of privileges available to every MANTIS CLUB member that purchased the equipment from our official MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus network. This together with the full support we provide to our customers clearly make us the best choice for the fans of racket sports.

Privacy Policy
MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus treats all personal information as confidential and will not disclose it to any third party for any reason. This MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus website maintains records with personal information sent by the visitor / user exclusively for communication, financial and tax reasons. MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus uses cookies to identify the visitor / user in the selection of certain services of the website ONLY if the user activates the corresponding option by entering the details of the above websites.

Transaction Security
Any information about your credit card is encrypted (using technology SSL technology) via a secure provider (server).

Send orders
Orders are sent via ACS and delivered within 1-2 days. This service applies only within Greece unless requested by client. For international orders in countries with no official distribution we use secured post service. The shipping costs vary from 15-30 €. For orders exceeding 100 € there will be no shipping costs. We ship heavy weight orders with transport agency only with prior confirmation from the client. In such a case please contact us.
Cancellation Policy
You may return your order within 10 days from the date you received it, according to the Greek legislation (Law 2251/94 ), without stating the reasons for returning it. if you wish , to disclose the reasons for the return(s) Product(s) in writing (mail or e-mail) and you will be sent all the information necessary to return your product. The return shipping costs borne by you and MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus will return only the original price you paid for the product (excluding shipping costs). All products must be returned in perfect condition and ready for resale.
Product Warranty
All products MANTIS have the quality guarantee of the British company. Moreover MANTIS Sport Greece & Cyprus gives you a satisfaction guaranteed warranty return for the use of its products. See more at MY SERVICE PLUS, our innovative service.

In MANTIS we respect the quality of our products while maintaining their value quite stable globally, thus avoiding any confusion and misunderstandings caused by the large variation of prices. This way we also discourage the production of fake rackets. Our products have been internationally awarded with the distinction "Best Value For Money"

  • Payment upon delivery to the ACS employee. Valid only within Greece unless requested by client.
  • E-Banking (Transfer to bank account)
  • In case of money transfer to bank account products will be sent only after the confirmation of deposit.
  • Credit Card