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The Birth
MANTIS was formed in 2009 by a former international tennis player and coach with over thirty years’ experience and a wealth of knowledge in the tennis industry.
Heading up global operations for one of the major sports brands enabled him to work with a number of touring professionals and their custom stringers. This resulted in the production of rackets, strings and grips that are still being used on the ATP, WTA, PSA, WISPA & WSA Tour.

The Philosophy
We understand the expense that all players incur through participating in sport and became disillusioned with the high prices that were being charged by a number of companies. Therefore our objective is to produce exceptional quality products at superior prices.

Product Development
Our mission is to create unparalleled performance equipment using only the highest quality materials in the industry. Our team consists of some of the world’s most distinguished racket technicians. These industry experts are sent products for testing and evaluation and their detailed feedback is taken into consideration before any product is introduced to the market. Finally, every MANTIS product has to pass further tests from consumers of different playing levels to ensure that the product meets very specific requirements. Consequently if a product is not exactly right then it will not be launched. The result is award winning equipment that looks and performs beyond competition.

What Technology Means To Us
For our developing team technology means using the highest quality materials in the best possible way. Products aesthetically superior that also perform exceptionally. Cosmetics and artwork were created by some of the best in the field fulfilling certain psychological areas.

What Set Us Apart
Finally every MANTIS product has to pass insistent tests by various playing styles and fulfill certain requirements. We don’t intend to grab your attention with fancy technological terms. MANTIS has already award winning equipment that looks and performs at the highest expectations.

Custom-Fit-Ready at RacketSpecialist.com
We know how important is to take care of YOU and that is why we carefully design rackets that meet the individual customization demands of modern tennis. This means that our frames can be fine-tuned to complement your individual style of play and not the other way around.
The distinct feel of MANTIS frames will be boosted even further with our Exclusive Free Lifetime Customization Service. This ultimate service will give your MANTIS racket an unprecedented level of performance. Finally the racket of your dreams will be right there in your own hands. A MANTIS custom fit to you and being strung by one of the most distinguished racket services worldwide, Racketspecialist.com. Exactly the way pro players do. This is an exclusive privilege for My Club members for Greece & Cyprus.