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MANTISracket focusing on each one of you individually!

MANTIS masterly designs one by one every single frame so that weight, balance and especially the distribution of weight also known as swingweight, will not commit you at all thus allowing "freedom of expression" on the characteristics of your racket, according to the demands of modern tennis.

To further assist you, we designed for you the innovative service CUSTOMIZATION, putting together all our art skills so as to get you a ready out of the box masterly custom fit MANTIS racket that compliments your playing style. This is a free lifetime privilege exclusively for all MANTIS CLUB members.

Selection of string or combination of strings

Adjusting swingweight

Perfect stringing tension

Perfect stringing tension

Accurately sizing and shaping handle for your palm

Adjusting weight

Adjusting balance point

Alter racket length if necessary

CUSTOMIZATION με την εγγύηση ποιότητας RacketSpecialist.comLogo RacketSpecialist s